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Ah, Tomoe Mami here. Forgive me for not picking up sooner. I'll get back to your message soon, I promise.

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Always at top.

If you have any concerns or comments on the way I roleplay comment here. This is for constructive criticism only. No "omg u suxxor gtfo". Anon is enabled, don't abuse that.

If you want to contact me, my journal is [personal profile] savingdaisydiva. My AIM is LunarGoodness even if I rarely get on due to internet troubles. You can also leave a comment here.

If you want to plot or something, I'd rather be contacted by a comment here. Planning, if you don't mind, would be better for me through e-mail.
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[Welcome, dear Community. The rented out piece of park is set up. There's a few decorations in the trees--yellow and orange, of course. A few balloons here and there.

There's also tables dressed up with fairly nice tablecloths lining the surrounding area. If eating isn't your style then you can sit and talk or participate in various games.

Mami, herself, will be wandering the party and greeting all the guests. Later on in the afternoon she'll open her gifts.]
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I looked at the calendar on the community today. In roughly a month I'll have been at the community for over a year. It'll also be my birthday--according to the community, anyway. At least that's what the calender and posting dates tell me.

Mm... I sense a large tea party in the near future.
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Well, it's been a little while since that last virus but... I would still like to extend an apology for the virus at any rate; I wasn't in my right mind.

For clarification: yes, Karen and I are still dating. It was simply a little bump.

{Not...talking about the specifics of how she went crazy for Kyouko, nope.]
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It's been rather serious lately. It won't help much but I found a few delicious pictures that might brighten your mood. Of what? Why, cake.

I would like to say that, while I am quite skilled at baking, these aren't my creations. I merely found pictures of them.

IC-ly cut, because Mami's like that )

I would post more but I wouldn't want to impose. I hope these treats made you smile a little.
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Pardon the sudden question, but I was wondering, does anyone know a way for Command Seals to be transferred in some way? If you don't mind, I'd like to know.

I'm willing to pay for information.
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It's not something that I often consider but I do wonder if it's really possible to move to another world. To start a new life. I've heard that other people have done it yet I doubt it'd be that easy.

How irresponsible of me, really. I'm not a person that could just move up and leave so easily... Mm, I wonder.
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Mm. It seems that Sakura-san truly has taken a dislike to me. Well, I suppose it was going to happen eventually. She's old enough that she doesn't need me looking over her shoulder, at any rate.
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I thought, perhaps, if you had some time that you could come over to my world for the afternoon. For tea and perhaps we could go on a training session. I know I declined your help before but--well, that recent virus clearly made you felt uncomfortable.

It might not have been my fault, Minazuki-san, but I still feel badly about that. If nothing else we can just have tea together.
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[They had, briefly, mentioned the idea of a training session. As Lancer already knew of her status as a magical girl, Mami had accepted it on the grounds that he'd come back to the city to train. There were numerous places suitable for it there and--most importantly--if a witch showed up she'd be able to make good time to defeat it.

In the park, she waits with a drink (surprisingly it's a soft drink and not tea), waiting for him to show up.]
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